Q: Are all your phones new and original?

A: All our phones, each one of them, which can be found on eMobileKart page are new and original.

Q: Is it possible for me to cancel my order and what would be the procedure of doing it?

A: a. Before customer pays for its phone order can be cancelled in any moment.

  1. If the payment transaction is finished, customer can still cancel its order by simply sending us an E-mail with all details of purchased model, explanation why he wants to cancel the purchase and its contact information.
  2. Also, order can be cancelled without any additional charges while order is still in a possession of eMobileKart and until the order or request for its delivery is not handed over to a courier service.
  3. If the order or request for its delivery has already been sent to the courier service, customer can still cancel the order, but in this case customer will be charged for all delivery costs and will also be obligated to send the order and all its accessories that he received within the order undamaged back to eMobilekart at its own expense. After eMobileKart receives the order back and its undamaged condition is recorded, customer will get money refund in time period defined in Return Policy.

Q: Can I order and buy a phone from your web site from any country?

A: eMobileKart can accept order from anywhere but ship orders in areas that are part of Lucknow, UP.

Q: Are there any additional costs other than those that I see when confirming the order?

A: There are no additional costs – in the cost of your order are automatically calculated all expenses and they are also clearly stated on your screen so you can see them when placing and confirming the order.

Q: Can I expect to get the User manual together with the phone?

A: Most of the time, the manufacturer itself with the phone gives User manual written on language where the phone was manufactured. If you need User manual to be on English, for most models you can find it and download it from eMobileKart product page.

Q: Can I buy a phone from eMobileKart together with some operator contract?

A: eMobileKart does not offer options to buy a cell phone from eMobileKart web site together with contract from some operator company. eMobileKart is individual company that sells products from open market only.

Q: Can I buy the phone in instalments?

A: eMobileKart does not have option for paying in instalments nor is giving any kind of loans to its clients.

Q: Why do you have different prices for different colours of same phone on your web site?

A: a. The purchase price of phones with different mask colour is different, so automatically its selling price has to be different.

  1. It is important to know that all these cell phones are identical to all other technical features – the only difference is colour of the mask, which means that above mentioned reasons are the only ones that are making the difference in the price.

Q: Can you deliver in small towns and villages?

A: eMobileKart can deliver on every address in Lucknow and near areas of UP

Q: Can I personally come and take over my order?

A: There is no possibility for client to come personally and pick up the order he placed on eMobileKart web site.

Q: Can I return my phone, what is the procedure and what is the time period that I can expect my money to be refunded?

A: a. In cases that buyer within 7 days after receiving his order decides that he is not satisfied with the phone and wants to return it, he can do that by shipping the entire order, phone and all its accessories back to eMobileKart at its own expense and when eMobileKart establishes that phone is intact and that the phone and all its accessories are properly returned, customer will get his money refunded.

  1. If you decide to return items from your order for any reason, before sending it back, please send an e-mail to eMobileKart sales department with all information (phone details) as well as an explanation why would you like to return your order, together with your contact information at care@emobilekart.com.
  2. After that you will be contacted from our sales department and they will provide you with all necessary information and will give you closest address where to return your order.
  3. From the moment when clients order gets delivered back to eMobileKart in undamaged condition, money will be refunded to the customer within 15 days or customer will be sent a voucher in the same amount, that can be used for purchasing any products on our web site. Client is the one who chooses whether he prefers a voucher or money refund.

For more queries; please refer to Return & Return Policy page of eMobileKart.

Q: Package was delivered to me damaged, how can I refund my loss?

A: Please refer to Return & Return Policy page of eMobileKart.

Q. I don't remember my password. Help!

A. Don’t worry! You can always login using your registered email ID or mobile number.
Follow these steps to login:
• Enter your registered email ID or mobile number as your username at the login page
• Click on the ‘Login Without Password’ button
• Enter the OTP received on your email ID/Mobile number.

Q. What are the different modes of payment available?

A. You can use any one of the following payment methods:
• Credit card
• Credit card EMI of leading banks
• Debit card
• Net Banking
• Cash on Delivery
• E-Gift cards
• Wallets

Q. My transaction failed but the money is deducted from my account. What should I do?

A. Don’t worry, it will be reversed instantly. You can check your account balance to confirm.